back to normal naturally

Protagenic Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company focusing on the discovery and development of novel, naturally occurring human brain hormones for the treatment of anxiety and depression based mood disorders.


Our scientists utilize a proprietary search algorithm to identify new bioactive peptides in the genome. With this technology, the Company has created a portfolio of five novel neuropeptides that are in various stages of development and preclinical evaluation for the treatment of mood disorders. The lead product candidate, PT00114, is targeted to inhibit anxiety and depression without interfering with normal brain function.

Recent studies report an important relationship between mood disorders and disturbances in neuropeptide circuits of the brain. Therapeutics that target the natural neuropeptide circuits that are responsible for restoring normal emotionality may offer effective and safe new treatment options.

An estimated 340 million people worldwide and 21 million people in the United States suffer from major mental disorders including Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and various Anxiety Disorders.

The mission of the Protagenic Therapeutics Inc is to provide innovative, safe and effective treatments for anxiety and depression by using natural neuropeptide hormones to restore normal emotionality