Slee, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Slee, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

“Evolutionary changes in system biology have arisen in order for various species to continue to proliferate. The human body has retained the required neurological equilibrium to survive through the millennia. The modern era, with its exponential advances in both scientific and cultural arenas, have improved certain aspects of the quality of life, while unfortunately heightening the levels of daily stress and their detrimental responses. This is reflected in rises in reduction of viability through measures of despair. However, the identification of a natural neuropeptide (TCAP) to impede stressors arising from the constant din will go along way to recenter the mind and improve wellness. This is truly a breakthrough therapeutic that the PTI group is trying to advance.” – Andrew Slee, PhD

Andy Slee has taken several drugs from inception through all their pre-clinical and clinical testing, through commercial launches. During his 36 year pharmaceutical career he has worked with some of the most effective drug development teams. Spreading his influence beyond a single company, he created and ran his own Clinical Research Organization (CRO), VivoSource Laboratories, which for ten years provided preclinical proof of concept catering to biopharmaceutical companies. For the 16 years before that, Mr. Slee shepherded multiple pharma targets from inception onward at DuPont Pharmaceuticals. He is a graduate of Syracuse University.

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