Robert B.
Stein, MD, Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Robert B. Stein, MD, Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer

 “The goal is not to eliminate stress so that people live in a monastery, nor to make them insensitive to stress like Valium does, but to moderate stress to keep the response in the useful range. That’s what TCAP has evolved to do.” – Robert Stein, MD, PhD

In addition to his role as Chief Medical Officer of Protagenic, Dr Stein is also the Executive Vice President of R&D of MINDEX. Dr. Robert B. Stein retired as President of R&D at Agenus Inc. in April 2017. He continues as Senior Advisor, R&D for both Agenus, Inc. and its cell therapy subsidiary AgenTus. Dr. Robert B. Stein lead Agenus’ Research, Preclinical Development and Translational Medicine functions. He helps shape clinical development strategy for vaccines and adjuvants. Additionally, he lead integration of the 4-Antibody, PhosImmune, and Xoma Pilot Plant acquisitions, which includes the company’s fully human antibody drug discovery and optimization technology platform, and portfolio of immune checkpoint antibody programs. Over his 35 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry he played a pivotal role in bringing to the market Sustiva®, Fablyn®, Viviant®, PanRetin®, TargRetin®, Promacta® and Eliquis®. Prior to joining Agenus, he held executive management positions at Ligand Pharmaceuticals, DuPont Merck, Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Roche Palo Alto and KineMed. Dr. Stein began his career at Merck, Sharp and Dohme. He holds an MD and a PhD in Physiology & Pharmacology from Duke University.

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