Protagenic Therapeutics, Inc. (PTIX) Key Opinion Leader (KOL) PT00114 Webinar

Protagenic Therapeutics, Inc. (PTIX) PT00114 Webinar


We invite you to view Protagenic Therapeutics, Inc.’s key opinion leader (KOL) webinar focused on PT00114 for the regulation of stress in patients with Depression, PTSD, Anxiety and Addiction.


The webinar features a presentation by KOL Dr. Maurizio Fava, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), who is serving as principal investigator in Protagenic’s upcoming Phase 1/2a clinical trial.


Protagenic’s management team also provided an overview of the ongoing clinical development program and potential commercial opportunity for PT00114, which is known scientifically as teneurin C-terminal associated peptide (TCAP), a naturally occurring peptide responsible for regulation of stress response in the brain.


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